Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Many Thanks From Wyatt and Family

Prayers. Support. Kindness. Compassion.

To have members of your community extend these precious gifts to you unexpectedly, well, it is truly amazing. As a parent of a sick child you are so full of worry, so full of anxiety that you can loose touch with your community. Drugs, hospitals, doctors, specialist and health professionals become your world. It's a lonely, frightening place. But to have a helping hand to come out of the blue in these trying times, it's like a ray of light bursting through a dark sky. Uplifting and fills you with hope.

Thank you so much Don and Chris Wilson of Wilson Builders LTD. for your kindness towards my little boy and family.

And to Father John Jennings and Father Monte Peters and all the members of St. Theresa's Parish and St. Anthony's Roman Catholic Church Parish, thank you. Up at the NICU, they were calling Wyatt the "miracle baby" and I know it was the power of prayer that guided the doctors and nurses hands. Thank you, thank you for your prayers!!


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