Saturday, July 4, 2009

New FVA Video About Antidepressants and PPHN

I found this very interesting. And frightening.

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Alyson said...

It's funny that you commented on my page, because when I first was doing a ton of research on PPHN, YOUR BLOG was the FIRST BLOG I came across.

I can't believe that Wyatt was almost 16 POUNDS!!!!! WOW!!! My oldest was 9lbs 9oz and my little Avery was 8lbs 6 oz.....

How long was Wyatt in the hospital for???

He breast fed well until about 4 months and he started to become a VERY LAZY eater and he dropped off the charts.......

He is still small, at 18lbs 15oz.....but he is eating much better than about a week ago...... :0)

Thank you so much for contacting me.......and please keep in touch with Wyatt's updates :0)