Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Free Fitted Crib Sheet Pattern - How To Make It Fit Your Crib Mattress

The crib sheets I make fit the "standard" crib mattress here in Canada. But you could make the sheets custom fit for your mattress.

I just measured Wyatt's mattress and it is 27.5 x 52.5 inches. It is 5.5 inches in height. Remember, the height is KEY in getting the snug fit. My key in this case was 8.75 inches... here is the math:

8.75 - 5.5 = 3.25 the material UNDER THE MATTRESS. Gotta stay put somehow!

3.25 - 0.75(seam allowance) = 2.5 inches ... The actual fabric on the underside of mattress.

Here is how I figured out how much pre-washed and shrunk fabric I needed for the overall sizing:

27.5 + 8.75 + 8.75 = 45 inches

52.5 + 8.75 + 8.75 = 70 inches

So the formula for you is:

(mattress height)+(how much fabric you want under mattress so it stays put)+(your seam allowance)= Squares at corner you cut.


(Your mattress width on top)+ "the square" = the width of fabric AFTER IT WAS WASHED AND DRIED.

(Your mattress length on top)+"the square" = the length of fabric AFTER IT WAS WASHED AND DRIED.

And that's your crib sheet!

Happy sewing!

Momma Melissa

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