Monday, October 27, 2008

Why I am blogging about Wyatt and his condition...

You might be a parent or a loved one to a baby born with acute persistent fetal circulation (or persistent pulminary circulation) or who have developed blood clots in their hearts from central lines. After Wyatt was born and when I was finally strong enough, I went on the web hoping to find a story of a baby with the same condition as Wyatt who beat the odds. As a parent with a sick child, you want something to give you hope, to give you a parents perspective of these terrifying things the doctors and specialists are saying. Unfortunately, there wasn't much that I could find. I vowed to create something.

This will be physically, mentally, and emotionally hard for me but it must be done. I don't know the outcome of this story yet, and I pray to God there is a happy ending to this chapter in our lives coming our way. And this I definately know: despite all this trama, financial hardship, and stress, I would go through it all over again for my precious Wyatt. Mommy, Daddy, and your two sisters Tressa and Lila love you so much, baby boy!


kristadleavitt said...

Thanks to you Nin, the world will know about Wyatt and what joy he's bringing to your lives everyday. You will help countless Mother's with the information you share about your situation and hopefully find more support yourself. We love you and you all are in our prayers everynight at bedtime. Thank you for being brave enough to share so deeply with us all. Love, Krista xxxx

Momma said...

Bless you, Krista!
We love you guys too. :)

Pauline said...

Dear Melissa and Leonard,

I wish to thank you for for sharing Wyatt's story with us. I am convinced that your courage, love and determination will help you to overcome all of the obstacles that stand in your way.

Your little Wyatt is a beautiful baby and a fighter. I think you should buy him boxing gloves, because he's holding more than is own in the rink. Muhammed Ali doesn't stand a chance!

We may not see each other often, but your family on the North Shore is here for both of you. Whatever you need, you have our full support. We will be sending to Germaine some funds to help you with all of your medical expenses and hopefully it will help ease the burden you have to carry.

I leave you with this tought: "hope and fear are inseparable...there is no hope without fear nor any fear without hope" and Wyatt greatly inspires hope in all of our lives.

Love always,


Betty Brown (from work!) said...

Melissa, I read about Wyatt in the paper and am so saddened that such a precious little creature has to bear such a burden. But everything is for a reason.....which may not be evident yet. Hang tough and you will be added to my prayers, for sure. The obvious love surrounding you will certainly see you through this.

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